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Why not Rescue?

Animal rescue will always be my first love and some of my all time favorite rats have been
previously owned models such as Rocket who came from Little Mischief Rescue.

"I ruled as evil SITH Emperor rattie!"


Little Mischief Rescue (LMR), with whom I have been volunteering for the past few years is no longer active in rat rescue, however, the Small Animal Rescue Society of BC and Homefinders Animal Rescue are both active in pet rat rescue again.  They are always trying to find both foster and adoptive homes for rats of all ages and varieties!  Fostering a rescue rat is a great way to learn about rats as pets.  Emergency quarantine foster homes are only needed for 3 week periods. Food and any needed vet care is provided.  Volunteers are needed in many other capacities as well, especially drivers to transport rats to and from foster homes and vets.  Donations are always welcome too!  Please check it out! 


There is another great new rat rescue in Everett Washington called  Best Friend Rodent Rescue that is worth checking out.



Or for dogs, cats, bunnies and sometimes other animals too, check out Homefinders Animal Rescue Society

Here are just a few of many pets I have fostered for Homefinders:


Daisy Jackie Patch and Simon Clancy



If you are interested in other types of small animals such as hamsters, mice, gerbils, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, sugar gliders, chinchillas, degus, reptiles or birds, check out the Small Animal Rescue Society of BC (SARS).  I actually got my former evil SITH degus from Homefinders but they only rarely take in small animals, so I recommend SARS as the place to find them locally. 

Rescue degus make cool pets
(not as cool as rats but interesting)



In addition to these rescues, the following rescue related organizations came out to support our 8th annual BC pet rat show Ratstravaganza:

No Puppy Mills Canada and West Coast Rottweiler Rescue

Some other rescues we have heard good things about are:

Best Little Rabbit, Rodent and Ferret House in Seattle WA

Bully Buddies Rescue Society Vancouver BC

Furever After Small Dog Rescue in Qualicum Beach BC

A list of additional rescue organizations can be found on the Little Mischief Rescue website

Or to find a rescue animal in your area check out your local listings on Petfinder

But be careful out there: just as not all Ratteries are ethical and reputable, not all "Rescues" are either.



Please don't support backyard breeders or pet stores that sell animals!

Just say no to Craigslist, Kijiji, and the newspaper classifieds because that's where
all the backyard breeders hang out, often "pretending" their litters are accidental.
(And if you don't want to be called a backyard breeder, don't be one!)


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