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SITH Seabiscuit X RMIS Suu Kyi

Born September 9th 2011


SITH Seabiscuit of JOY RRLM Azulita of SITH


On September 9th RRLM Azulita gave birth to 3 babies sired by SITH Seabiscuit, which is an average sized litter for dwarf rats.  Seabiscuit may look like a "plain" standard eared agouti dwarf but he more than makes up for it in personality plus.  Azulita, or "little blue" is a blue dumbo dwarf who also comes complete with a wicked sweet personality.  Both carry Russian blue so we ended up with 2 Russian blue agouti boys and one agouti girl, all standard eared.  This litter is planned to be ready for adoption in October or November 2011 and should be old enough to show at Fall For Rats All the babies in this litter are now reserved but if you would like to be on a waiting list for future babies of this type please email me More information on our dwarf, and other lines, can be found here.



The 2 boys at 3 weeks old

(Note: although they look similar, they have different tummy markings, and one is slightly darker.)


SITH Secretariat - Russian Blue Agouti American Irish Dwarf - Adopted JOY


SITH Citation - Russian Blue Agouti Irish American Irish Dwarf - Reserved Noelle



The 1 girl at 3 weeks old


SITH Whirlaway - Agouti American Irish Dwarf - Adopted SITH



What's in a name?

The son's and daughter of Seabiscuit, son of Shalimar, had to be named for famous race horses.



Pedigree coming soon!


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