Rat Abuse!

At least former SITH Emperor, the late great Darth Silky seemed to see it that way.  Silky and his girlfriend Meadow Soprano had their pictures taken with Santa as part of an annual fundraiser for Homefinders Animal Rescue, but first I did a trial run with them in their seasonal finery. Meadow did surprisingly well, however, Darth Silky (who some are now calling Darth Sulky) was less than impressed.

Oh the indignity of it all!

Meadow poses patiently in her too small hat.

Darth Silky says "Just take the picture and get it over with!"

Meadow poses prettily

Darth Silky gets his feet tangled in his collar.

Meadow poses prettily again.

Darth Silky says, "That's it, I am sooo out of here!"

Luckily the actual shoot with Santa went a lot better...

Of course Meadow posed nicely, but even Silky knew enough to behave in front of Santa!


"I would like a dangly chew toy, a new hammock, and a big bowl of brown rice and peas!"

And here is a kiss to seal the deal! (Kisses are his specialty!)

Meadow, Silky and all the rest of the evil SITH ratties are wishing you
a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Christmas 2009 - Silky's sons carry on the tradition

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