Photos with Santa 2009, a fundraiser for

Homefinders Animal Rescue

SITH Carlisle (son of the great Darth Silky) and the amazing Rocket (from Little Mischief Rescue)


making themselves right at home


RMIS Chipotle Pepper and tBBR Darth Perfect,

a little younger and a little more adventurous.


Chip confirms his suspicion that someone has been scent marking Santa, while Darth Perfect is fascinated by the shiny flashy thing.


Tiny JOY/ROUS Angus just came along with his buddies so he
wouldn't be home alone but he ended up getting photographed too!


Honorary Evil SITH Rat, Simon, originally came from
Homfinders.  He always has lots of fun with them
but our foster cat Daisey had places she would rather be.

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