Meet The Bean Family

SITH Macademia Nut and SITH Georgie's Babies

Born September 23 2013


 SITH Macadamia Nut - Russian Blue Agouti  Irish Dumbo SITH Georgie - Fawn Variegated Dumbo
Photos by Jackie Basque

On September 23rd 2013, SITH Georgie gave birth to 9 babies sired by SITH Macadamia Nut, aka Mac.  There are 3 girls and 5 boys.  Six of the 9 babies are dwarfs.  All of the babies appear to have irish or berkshire markings with some adorable head spots and blazes.  Colors range from agouti, Russian blue agouti, black, and cinnamon.   Approximately half the babies are velveteen and all are dumbo.  This litter is completly reserved.  If you are interested in future litters of this type, please email me  More information on our Dwarf lines can be found here.  Just scroll down until you find the variety you are looking for.



Pedigree Of SITH Macadamia Nut x SITH Georgie
Sire Variety Russian Blue Agouti American Irish Dumbo Dwarf
Sire Breeder/Owner Lizzy O'Sullivan, SITH
Dam Variety Fawn Variegated Dumbo Velveteen
Dam Breeder/Owner Lizzy O'Sullivan, SITH
Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
SITH Macadamia Nut
Russian Blue Agouti American Irish Dumbo Dwarf
RRLM Peanut
Black Berkshire Hairless Dumbo Dwarf
RRLM Pickles
Black Berkshire Dumbo Dwarf
RRLM Pluto
Black Eyed Siamese Dumbo Dwarf
 RRLM Nibbles
Agouti Dwarf
Blue Irish Dwarf Dumbo
RRLM Super Duper
Blue Dumbo Dwarf
RRLM Venus
Russian Blue Burmese Dumbo Dwarf
SITH Whirlaway
Agouti American Irish Dwarf
SITH Seabiscuit JOY
Agouti Dwarf
Dumbo Agouti Dwarf
Dmtn Shalimar SITH
Russian Blue Irish Dwarf
Blue Irish Dwarf Dumbo
RRLM Super Duper
Blue Dumbo Dwarf
RRLM Venus
Russian Blue Burmese Dumbo Dwarf
SITH Georgie
Fawn Variegated Dumbo Velveteen
Dumbo Charcoal Possom
Agouti Irish Dumbo Dwarf
Dumbo Agouti Possom Dwarf
CWR/RMIS Himinglada
Dumbo Black Dwarf
Dumbo Black-Eyed White Velveteen
SITH Christopher
Dumbo Fawn Masked Velveteen Dwarf
SITH Christine
Russian Dove Dalmatian Dumbo
Dmtn Joanne SITH
Blue Fawn Variegated Dumbo
13MR Super Sonic
Russian Blue Baldie Dumbo Dwarf
13MR My Apocalypse
Dumbo Black Capped Dwarf
13MR Gad Zooks
Black Variegated Dwarf
SITH Piangi
Russian Blue Agouti Masked Dumbo
Dmtn Darth Zorro SITH
Russian Blue Masked Dumbo
SITH Christine
Russian Dove Dalmatian Dumbo
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What's in a name?

This may seem like a bit of a stretch, but having done several nut themes in this line, my daughter pointed out that beans are closely related to nuts, and she even supplied the baby names, and litter name, so...

Meet The Bean Family!





Baby photos by Jackie Basque


NOTE: The unnamed ticked mystery color in this litter looks like blue    
agouti, although genetically it is more likely a dilute Russian blue agouti.
All colors are slightly darker than they appear.



The 3 girls at 4 weeks old


SITH Chickpea - Dwarf Agouti Berkshire
Velveteen - Reserved ROUS
SITH Lima - Dwarf Double
Irish - Reserved WINE



SITH Fava - Dwarf-carrier English Irish - Reserved tBBR



The 6 boys at 4 weeks old


SITH Calypso - Dwarf-carrier Velveteen
Berkshire - Reserved ROUS
SITH Garbanzo - Double Irish
 - Reserved Alysse Hennessey


SITH Mung - Dwarf Irish with
 headspot - Reserved CUDL
SITH Pinto - Dwarf Russian Blue Agouti
Blazed Banded - Reserved tBBR


SITH Navy - Dwarf Russian blue Velveteen
Berkshire - Reserved RMIS
SITH Lentil - Dwarf Black Self
Velveteen - Reserved RMIS




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