The Russian Drinkables






CWR Krum

On January 14th, SITH/MUFF Zona gave birth to 3 little squeakers, 2 girls and a boy, sired by CWR Krum There are no available babies in this litter.

Zona, who is my current favorite ratty girl, is from show Champion lines.  She won Best of Variety at the Fall 2006 RatsPacNW show on Mercer Island.  Russian blue is a stunning, yet difficult color to capture on camera, and both Zona and Krum have exceptionally impressive coloring.  On Zona's score card at the show, the judge wrote "Love, love, LOVE the color!"  Krum is just one big soft cuddly laid back teddy bear, but he is also very playful.  He has one of the thickest softest velveteen coats I've ever seen. 

Photos taken at 3 weeks old

SITH Putinka
Russian Blue Self (white front feet/toes) Velveteen Dumbo Doe - Adopted Allison

SITH Starka
Russian Blue Self (white front feet/tiny tummy spot) Dumbo Doe
 Adopted - Lise

SITH Smirnoff
Russian Blue Self (white front toes) Dumbo Buck - Adopted Lauren and Justin


What's in a name?

To compliment our past Russian Munchables litter, what could be more appropriate than popular brands of Russian Vodka.



The Russian Drinkables Pedigree


Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
CWR Krum
Russian Blue American Irish Rex
ROUS Pushkin
Russian Blue Self Rex
LSRC Trotsky
Russian Blue Self Dumbo Velveteen
SE Event Horizon of LSRC
Black Self Dumbo Rex
SE Midnight of LSRC
Black Self Dumbo
SRR Ruth
Russian Blue Self
LMR Clark Gable
Russian Blue
SRR Rena
Agouti Dilute Possum Dumbo
ROUS Blueberry
Russian Blue Dumbo
BRWF Bru Bear
Russian Blue Self Dumbo Rex
LSRC Jarrah Brux of BRWF
Russian Blue Point Dumbo Rex
LSRC Dakota's Smokin' Joe
Silver Black Dumbo
ROUS Elspeth
Blue Dumbo


ROUS Gordon
Charcoal Irish Dumbo Velveteen
SPR Vicar Victoria
Silver Black Banded Collared Dumbo
Russian Blue Self Dumbo

*Best of Variety

CWR Battleship
Russian Blue Dumbo
SPR Jonesy
Silver Blue Possum Dumbo Velveteen
SPR Sorin
Russian Silver Irish Dumbo
NXPR Sloane
Blue Variberk Dumbo Rex
CWR Karma
Pearl Dumbo
SAS Malenko
Mink Irish Dumbo Velveteen
Mink Self Dumbo
Dove Self Dumbo Rex

*Reserve of Show

Dove Self Dumbo

*Show Champion

RRLM Teal'c of BRWF
Silver Black Self Dumbo
RRLM Lilith of BRWF
Russian Platinum Self
BRWF Misty Wind
Russian Silver Dumbo Rex
LSRC Jarrah Brux of BRWF
Russian Blue Point Dumbo Rex
BRWF Angel's Song
Silver Blue Dumbo
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