The Evil Sith Minx

Born August 15 2005



 CWR Jordan


SITH ROUS Darth Farida gave birth to 10 healthy rittens, sired by CWR Jordan.   There were 3 does and 7 bucks.  All the babies had dumbo ears, and colors ranged from pearl merle, to lilac, mink and black.  All of these babies have now been adopted, but  Please email me if you  want to be on a waiting list for a future litter of this type.


The Evil SITH MINX at 17 days old

The 3 Does

SITH Willow (nee Darth Cuddles)

Black Self

Adopted Denise

SITH Darth Fluffy

Lilac American Irish

  Adopted MUFF

SITH La Perla (nee Darth Pooky)

Pearl Merle Self

Adopted ROUS

The 7 Bucks

SITH Freynman (nee Darth Nibbles)

Black American Irish

Adopted Nicole and Garth

SITH Fermi (nee Darth Snookums)

Pearl Merle American Berkshire with headspot

Nicole and Garth

SITH Newton (nee Darth Squeaky)
  Black Berkshire

Adopted Nicole and Garth

SITH Kepler (nee Darth Snuggles)

Lilac  Irish 


Nicole and Garth

SITH Ben Bruxy

(nee Darth Bruxy)

Black Self

Adopted Ceilidh

SITH Hubble (nee Darth Fuzzy)

Pearl Merle Self

Adopted Nicole and Garth

SITH Wilhelm

(nee Darth Squishy) Mink Variberk

Adopted SITH

* All of the above baby photos by Susan Armstrong

Pedigree of The Evil Sith Minx

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
CWR Jordan
Silver Mink American Irish Dumbo
Mink Self Dumbo
LC Touch of Mink (Fivel)
Mink Dumbo
LC's Baby Beluga
Pearl Merle Dumbo
SRR's Blue Jean
Blue Berkshire Dumbo
WWR Sable
Cinnamon Banded
EVR Apollo
Cinnamon Berkshire
Potpurri of WWR
Cinnamon Berkshire Dumbo
SAS Mosca
Mink Berkshire Dumbo
RSCL Kudos
Mink Velveteen
KTZ Frango
Mink Dumbo Velveteen
SFR Starry Eyed Surprise
Lilac Merle
Poppy of SAS
Mink Irish Dumbo
SITH Farida
Lilac Self Dumbo
LSRC Stoju
Mink Berkshire Dumbo
LSRC Storm Chaser
Lilac Self Dumbo
WR Luna of LSRC
Blue Irish
LSRNT Caroline
Mink Irish Dumbo
BBR Daydream
Blue Dumbo
RBR Charlemagne
Blue Variberk Dumbo
RTR Zoe of BBR
Platinum Bareback Dumbo Rex
CWR Berta
Meringue Self Dumbo Velveteen
SAS Malenko
Mink Irish Dumbo Velveteen
LDR Rugby
Possum Dumbo
Khat's Diva
Pink-eyed White Dumbo Velveteen
Mink Self Dumbo
LC Touch of Mink (Fivel)
Mink Dumbo
WWR Sable
Cinnamon Banded
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The Evil Sith Minx at 13 days old


The Evil Sith Minx at one week old



The Evil Sith Minx at 2 days old. 

9 out of 10 babies that is.  I didn't notice that one had wandered off until after I took the picture.


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