The Met Hotel

This is an older, no frills, but very nice budget priced hotel, only a couple of blocks from SITH Rattery.  It's located on Columbia St. roughly a km from the show hall.  There are only 27 rooms so it's a good idea to reserve early.  They do say they allow caged pets, although it might be a good idea not to mention the "R" word.  

The Inn at Westminster Quay

This is a much fancier hotel and a lot pricier too.  It's a few blocks further away from both SITH Rattery and the Show Hall, and pets are allowed for $75 fee.  Yikes!  That seems a bit steep, but it's definitely the place to go if you are looking for a little pampering! 

Best Western Chelsea Hotel

Is a mid priced hotel very close to the show hall on Brunette Ave in Coquitlam.  It doesn't allow pets, and neither do any of the other nearby hotels, it seems, however, arrangements to board registered show rats at SITH Rattery can be made by emailing Lizzy.

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