The Browncoats

Born September 23 2005

CWR Inara Serra

ROUS Don Diego


CWR Inara Serra gave birth to 13 healthy rittens, sired by ROUS Don Diego.   There are 5 does and 8 bucks with assorted coat types.   Inara is an agouti velveteen with lots of energy and personality plus.  She is a very playful intelligent girl with a wicked sense of humor.  Don Diego, a fawn with possibly the most gorgeous rex coat I've ever seen, is a little more reserved but very sweet and cuddly.  Diego is a son of the infamous CWR Spooky of ROUS.  There are still 2 very lovable boys available in this litter, so if you are interested please email me.

The 8 Bucks

23 days old (Photos by Susan Armstrong)



SITH Gromit (nee Simon Tam) - self velveteen agouti - Adopted SITH


SITH Wallace (nee The Operative, AKA Oppy) - self velveteen agouti Adopted SITH


SITH Pollux (nee Mr Universe) - english irish standard coat agouti Adopted Cathy


SITH Eoghan (nee Hoban Washburn) - self rex agouti (white chest spot and toes on  left front foot) - Adopted Hilary


SITH  Syrus (nee Shepard Derrial Book) - rex agouti self (white right front foot and white toes on left front foot) Adopted Hilary


SITH Malcolm Reynolds - self rex agouti - Adopted ROUS


SITH Castor (nee Jayne Cobb) - self standard coat agouti - Adopted Cathy


SITH Fritz Firefly (nee Firefly) - self velveteen agouti - Adopted Ceilidh

The 5 Does


SITH Kaylee Frye - self standard coat agouti (white front paws) - Adopted Alicia


SITH Cocoa (nee Zoe Alleyne) - self rex agouti (with 4 white feet) Adopted Sarah


SITH River Tam - self rex agouti (white right front foot) Adopted CWR


SITH Chanel (nee Serenity) - self rex agouti - Adopted Sarah


SITH Reaver, a.k.a. Scout - small white chest mark rex  - Adopted CAVE


What's in a name?

The babies in this litter were originally named after the characters in Joss Whedon's new futuristic movie Serenity and (of course the forerunning TV series Firefly).  In Serenity, the Browncoats are soldiers, who fought on the losing side of the Unification War.  Defeated at Serenity Valley in 2511, the Browncoats are forced to live as galactic outcasts. A small band of them skim the outskirts of the galaxy unnoticed until they find themselves caught between the unstoppable military force of the Universal Alliance and the Reavers, horrific savages who roam the very edge of space.  How much more fitting could their names be for Evil SITH Rittens?  Miss Inara herself was named for one of these characters.


Some bigger pix to show off the coats (at 23 days old)

The Browncoats Pedigree

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
ROUS Don Diego De
La Ratty
Fawn Self Rex
CWR Spooky
Agouti Berkshire Rex
Charcoal Berkshire Dumbo Double Rex
RSCL Keoki
Black Husky Dumbo Rex
SPR Scully
Charcoal Berkshire Dumbo Rex
Ratapalooza Best of Show CWR Lilly
Bareback Hairless
Seal Point Siamese Hairless
Dumbo Hairless
Fawn American Irish
SOL Touch the Sun
Fawn American
Berkshire Rex
SOL Peachy Keen
Fawn Berkshire Dumbo
6H Sunshine of SOL
Topaz Double Rex
ROUS Satine
Fawn Berkshire
ROUS Andre Baggadonutz
Beige Husky Dumbo
WWR Lucille
Fawn American Berkshire Satin
CWR Inara Serra
Agouti Velveteen
LRR Coney 
Blue Agouti Self Velveteen Manx
BFF Anna
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Note: Apparently Inara does have a full pedigree, but we have pretty much given up waiting to get it from LRR and BFF.  If anyone reading this is in possession on this information please let me know.

Some previous baby pix

3 weeks old

9 days old

3 days old


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