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(Last Updated June 26h 2017            



I am sorry to say that we are pretty much retired for good now from hobby rat breeding, however we are still well connected in rat breeding circles as well as rat rescue circles so you can still  contact us if you are looking for babies and we will do our best to refer you to a ggod breeder or rescue.   Meanwhile I strongly suggest checking out the Small Animal Rescue Society of BC because I know they have some really cute babies right now. These babies will be well handled, health checked, treated for parasites, and will be far superior to babies from a pet store, or random craigslist backyard breeder. Keep checking back to their Petfinder pages, or contact them at  



We also recommend Sea To Sky Animal Rescue Society in Surrey BC, Pitter Patter Rat Rescue serving the BC Okanagan area and Best Friend Rodent Rescue, in Everett Washington.  Or contact one of our partnering ratteries listed here.   Help with transportation from any of these ratteries or rescues can often be arranged, however adoptions must be arranged with each organization directly.   



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