The True Blood Litter

Born August 11 2010

CWR/SITH Darth Bugatti

Black Berkshire Hairless

JOY Masquerade

Masked Russian Dove Dumbo


On August 11th 2010, JOY Masquerade, aka Masky, gave birth to 11 babies sired by my beloved hairless boy, CWR/SITH Darth Bugatti.  While I don't normally breed hairless lines, I decided to do this breeding in order to help my friend and long time rat breeding mentor, Michelle from Curly Whiskers Rattery in Boise Idaho.  We are extremely pleased and excited by the variety of markings, as well as the variety of russian blue and mink based colors in this litter.  All the babies are standard eared, and will carry both dumbo and hairless. Markings are from dalmatian lines.  There are no available babies in this litter.  If you are interested in babies of this type please email me.


The 6 girls at 3 weeks old


SITH Tinkerbell, (Pam) Russian blue agouti capped  baldie, partial backstripe - Adopted SIN  SITH Jeanette (Arlene) Russian dove agouti blazed, a few back spots - Adopted EVR


SITH Britty (Jessica) Havana berkshire
Adopted tBBR
SITH Xtina (Tara) Black blazed berkshire
Adopted tBBR


SITH Sookie, Havana Possum faced
Adopted CWR
SITH Natasha (Claudine) Russian blue collared
baldie - Adopted ROUS


The 6 boys at 3 weeks old


SITH Boris (Eric) Russian beige berkshire
Adopted ROUS
SITH Darwin (Jason) Russian beige capped baldie Adopted Candice  Bradley


SITH Dawkins (Bill) Havana collared with headspot
Adopted Candice  Bradley
SITH Scoops (Lafayette) black berkshire
 Adopted Corey Wilson


SITH Alcide - Russian Dove capped blazed (few back spots)
Adopted CWR


What's in a name?

This litter is named after characters in the TV series True Blood

based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris.



Pedigree of the True Blood Litter

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
CWR/SITH Darth Bugatti SITH

Hairless Black Berkshire


Black Bareback

MLR Masked Bugatti MLR
Honey Pie of MLR
Black American Irish
MLR Gaia
Agouti Down-Under
CWR Violet MLR
Russian Blue Down-Under Dumbo Velveteen
MLR Frodo
Black Collard Down Under Double Rex
LERA Panya
Russian Blue Irish
CWR Phaige CWR
Mink Berkshire Down Under Hairless
CWR Carlito CWR
Agouti Berkshire Hairless
CWR Nunez
Himalayan Hairless
RRLM Lady Utsu
Black Berkshire Hairless
CWR Sydney CWR
Berkshire Down Under Hairless
MLR Roger
Mink Collard Down Under Hairless
RRLM Lady Utsu
Black Berkshire Hairless
JOY Masquerade SITH

Russian Dove Masked Dumbo


Fawn Blazed Bareback Dumbo

tBBR Melvin STUD
Dumbo-Eared Agouti Jester-face Velveteen
Dumbo-Eared Blue Possum Velveteen
RRLM Mia Pinkie
Dumbo-Eared Fawn Blazed Dalmatian Dwarf
Dumbo-Eared Fawn Variegated
Dumbo-Eared Fawn American Irish Dwarf
tBBR Cerise Pink
Dumbo-Eared Agouti Blazed Variegated
Dmtn Popcorn JOY
Cinnamon Variegated Dumbo
Dmtn/EAGL Zax
Black Dalmatian
Black Dalmatian
EAGL Stroodle
Russian Blue Agouti Dalmatian
Dmtn/EAGL Mary Lou Who
Possum Dalmatian Dumbo
EAGL/Dmtn Horton
Dumbo-Eared Cinnamon Variegated Down-Under
EAGL Choco Mint Cow
Agouti Dalmatian Dumbo


All the babies at one week old

The 6 girls at one week old


The 5 boys at one week old

The following is a mix of males and females,
mainly grouped to compare the colors.

The 2 Russian blue baldy girls Russian blue girl in between havana berkshire
girl (left) and russian beige berkshire boy


Havana berkshire girl Russian beige berkshire boy The 2 light berkshires together (boy on right)


The Russian dove blazed capped boy wide blazed girl. Their back spots


Havana collared boy and possum girl, compared to Russian blazed boy Possumy girl


Black blazed berk girl

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