The Oceanic Flight 815 Passengers Litter

(aka "The Lost Litter")



JOY Coquette

In a joint litter with Robbi the Rat Momma, in Tacoma WA, JOY Coquette of JOY gave birth to 5 babies sired by JATS/STUD Aaron of RtRM on May 2 2009.  These babies will be raised in Tacoma WA.  Since it was such a small litter, all of these babies are already reserved.

The 5 babies shortly after birth

Photo courtesy Robbi the Rat Momma

More Baby Photos

Pedigree: Aaron X Coquette Babies


What's in a name?

For Robbi, these babies are named after characters in her favorite TV show, "Lost".

For Erin and I, they represent the litter we "lost" out on our chance to raise.



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