The Evil SITH Muppets

Born May 5th 2006


SPR Susan

SITH Fermi


Susan's and Fermi's 6 babies were born on May 5th.  Fermi is a delightful pale pearl color.  He is a nicely marked berkshire with an adorable headspot.  Susan is a mink based platinum with a delightful blaze.  Both have outstanding personalities and come from wonderful lines.  All of the babies from this litter are dumbo with smooth coats and I may be slightly biased, but I think they are the cutest babies ever!  This waiting list is full, but if you are interested in babies of this type, please email me. You may be interested in my upcoming litter between MUFF Uno and ROUS April.


Darth Rizzo and Prairie Dawn


The 2 does at almost 3 weeks old


SITH Beth (nee Miss Piggy) - black dumbo variegated - Adopted SITH


SITH Prairie Dawn - mink possum face dalmation (runt) - (eventually) Adopted SITH

Size comparison between Prairie Dawn and Beth

The 4 bucks at almost 3 weeks old


SITH Darth Fozzie Bear - mink dumbo blazed berkshire - Adopted Elise
Fozzie and Gonzo just waking up      Fozzie and Gonzo watching the cat
SITH Darth Gonzo - mink dumbo (split cap) possum faced dalmatian - Adopted Laurel
       Gonzo and Fozzie looking for treats 
SITH Darth Rizzo - mink dumbo lightening blazed dalmatian - Adopted SITH


SITH Ptolemy (nee Darth Sweetums) - mink dumbo possum faced dalmatian - Adopted ROUS

Pedigree of the Evil SITH Muppets

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
SITH Fermi
Pearl Merle Berkshire Dumbo
CWR Jordan
Silver Lilac Merle American Irish Dumbo
Mink Self Dumbo
LC Touch of Mink (Fivel)
Mink Dumbo
WWR Sable
Cinnamon Banded
SAS Mosca
Mink Berkshire Dumbo
RSCL Kudos
Mink Velveteen
Poppy of SAS
Mink Irish Dumbo
Sith Farida
Lilac Self Dumbo
LSRC Stoju
Mink Berkshire Dumbo
LSRC Storm Chaser
Lilac Self Dumbo
BBR Daydream
Blue Dumbo
CWR Berta
Meringue Self Dumbo Velveteen
SAS Malenko
Mink Irish Dumbo Velveteen
Mink Self Dumbo
SPR Susan
Blue blazed berkshire Dumbo
ROUS Sebastian
 Mink American
Berkshire Dumbo
ROUS Gordon
 Black Essex Velveteen Dumbo
 Russian Blue English Irish Dumbo
ROUS Madiera
 Silver Black Berkshire Velveteen Dumbo
SPR Victoria
 Black Collared Dumbo
SPR Samwise
Mink American Irish Dumbo
NXPR Sloane
Blue Variberk Dumbo
CWR Seelie
Blue Possum Dumbo
SPR Jonesy
Mink Platinum Possum Rex Dumbo
SPR Sorin
 Russian Silver American Irish Dumbo
NXPR Sloane
Blue Variberk Dumbo
ALR Gypsy
 Black Possum Velveteen Dumbo
WWR Yorgi
 Black Collared Dumbo
ALR Magic
Blue Baldie Velveteen Dumbo
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