STUD Charles

 June 30 2007 - June 18th 2009

Born at STUD Muffins Rattery in Renton WA (a rattery which is no longer in existence), Charles was black berkshire dumbo hairless. 

Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with kidney disease, shortly after his first birthday.  He still managed to live a fairly good quality life on a low protein diet, herbal supplements and a lot of self dialysis... that is, he drank water and peed almost constantly, but still remained active and extremely playful, almost until the end.  He also kept his good looks, winning Best of Variety at Ratstravaganza 2009 at over 18 months of age.  Of course by then he was completely naked, having lost the baby fuzz you see in these pix.  Young Charles is shown below with his bigger buddy SITH Dos.

One of the things I loved most about Charles was his baby like playfulness.  Even into his "old age" he loved to play "wrestle the giant hand" and he would play with the hand, just as if it was another rat, even down to grabbing it, very gently, with his teeth. 

Charles "bites" the giant hand, while Eagle's Darth Garth looks on

Charles was a very fun rat who never failed to put a smile on my face.  I wished I could have bred him, but because of the kidney disease which turned out to run in his family, of course it was out of the question.  Charles' pedigree can be seen on his brother Nego's page here.

Special thanks to Simone Burr who took all of the photos on this page.

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