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While we have tried to link each rat to the litter/pedigree they were born into, we sometimes lag behind, plus not all breeders post them online.  If you would like pedigree and/or health information on any particular rat or line, please don't hesitate to ask


The 16 Evil SITH Lords and their Dark Apprentices


Available for stud to approved Ratteries only

SITH Andy ROUS Striker Eureka RMIS Nathan Fillion RMIS Chipito
SITH Peugeot SITH Macademia Nut SITH Fiat SITH Popcorn
tBBR Wee Free Man SITH Snapdragon SITH Trouble




Pets only (including rescues and retired papa rats)

Chunk from BFRR Beau Beau from BFRR SITH Peanut II TOPI Ernie


The 32 Evil SITH girl Lords and their Dark Apprentices

Mama rats and potential mama rats



SITH Rosie tBBR Twerk ROUS Shaolin Rogue SITH Calla Lily
SITH Georgina RMIS Jesmin SITH Malastare SITH Tattoine
SITH Pia SITH Woolly Sheep

Pets only (including rescues and retired mama rats)

RMIS Kelsey RMIS Morena Baccarin SITH Chili SITH Porsche
TOPI Gina Pom Pom SITH Mercedes FLRR Imapala SITH Quiche Lorraine
SITH Deviled Eggs SITH Little Cheese Serenity from BFRR Dmnt Joanne
SITH Sandra PNZY Slingshot SITH Fireweed SITH Hazel Nut
SITH Coconut Candice from BFRR  
Past SITH Ratties and their Dark Apprentices


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