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(Last updated June 26th 2017)



At SITH Rattery, it has become a bit of a tradition to hold a pot luck style rattery open house party, at least once a year, at my place in New Westminster.  Please email us to be put on the invitation list for 2018

Our objective is to provide local rat lovers with a fun opportunity to get together and socialize with like minded people.  Itís an opportunity to share information, ask questions, show off photos and brag about your rats to an audience that is actually interested in listening!  We also usually try to time them for when we have cute babies for everyone to play with and this latest party will be no exception.  Between these events, our Ratteries remain pretty much closed to the public.  For more details on why, please see our Frequently Asked Questions. 

Guests are asked to please bring a  dish for sharing if you can, but if not, no worries, there is always plenty of food. The main thing is just to come and have fun.  Vegetarian or Vegan friendly fare is always appreciated, but no seafood please.  Sorry about that, but I am deathly allergic!  Soft drinks are provided, but if you would like something a little stronger, and I know that I would, please BYOB.  Over night accommodation is available for out of towners, or for anyone who may not wish to drive home.  We are also handily located near a Skytrain Station, so public transit  may be another option.

Also please see the important quarantine information below. 

SITH Star checks out the cookies at a past SITH Rattery Party

The theme of each event may change, but those who have attended previous SITH Rattery events, will know that one thing never changes -- We do insist that you leave your own wonderful rats at home. This is to protect both your rats and ours from exchanging infectious diseases or parasites.  I would further ask that you avoid visiting a pet store that sells rats, or another rattery on the same day as the Open House, and if you have sick rats at home, or have reason to suspect your rats may have recently been exposed to an illness, or if your rats have come into contact with wild rats, please let us know, so that we may discuss additional precautions to keep everyone's rats healthy and safe.   Unlike with other animals there are no vaccines to protect our rats from the many contagious and potentially lethal rat viruses.  These viruses are airborne and can live outside the body of a rat for 3 hours or more.  (This is why attempting to quarantine new rats in a separate room of your home does not work!)  The most common source of these viruses are pet  stores that sell rats.  I have known people who just went into a pet store to buy dog food and didn't go anywhere near the rats, yet still brought a lethal strain of SDA virus back to their rats.  It takes a week to 10 days for rats to show symptoms of SDA virus, so if there is any chance your rats may have been exposed, please don't take any chances!  See the main page of the RatsPacNW website for more info on SDA and the need to quarantine. 

To get on our mailing list for information on rat shows and other upcoming events please email me.

Cake from SITH Rattery World Rat Day Party 2006

Ratstravaganza, a pet rat show and more!

For 6 years we also hosted Ratstravaganza, a pet rat show geared toward being fun for the whole family, including the ratties.  Prior to that, there were 3 BC shows hosted on Vancouver Island.  Our 9th BC pet rat show, took place on Saturday February 11th, 2012.  Click here for full details on this show, including links to other past show results, and photos.  We are still looking for a volunteer to take over coordinating this event in the future, althoughthere are plenty of experienced volunteers willing to provide help and support.  I would be very happy to train and assist the new coordinator in any way. 

The next RatsPacNW Show

The next RatsPacNW Club Show will be held in beautiful Port Orchard WA on Saturday September 23rd 2017.  Teklad products, both food and litter, can be pre-ordered a few weeks prior to the show at near wholesale prices, to be picked up on the day of the show at the show hall.  Car pooling and accommodation sharing can usually be arranged, but if you would like to tag along, plans will need to be made well in advance of the show.  For details, stay tuned to our RatsPacNW discussion group, or website.

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