SITH Princess Prairie Dawn

May 5  2006 - June 18 2009

Born here at SITH Rattery, Princess Prairie Dawn was a lilac jester/possum faced dumbo, from the evil SITH Muppets Litter.  She is the little sister of SITH Rizzo, who preceded RMIS Darth Silky as ruling evil SITH Emperor.  She is also the sister of SITH Ptolemy (nee Darth Sweetums) a past ruling emperor at Rodents of Unusual Sweetness Rattery.  Prairie got off to a very rough start in life as a tiny runt, less than half the size of her other siblings.  The fact that she survived was nothing short of a miracle.  Prairie was adopted as a baby by Tiva from Sweet Muffin's Rattery and renamed Monkey Sponge Cake.  She came home again when Tiva began preparations to go to vet school in New Zealand, and for the sake of dignity, reverted to her evil SITH baby name, Prairie Dawn. 

Because she was still on the small side, in the interest of accident prevention, I opted to have her spayed.  I totally intended to keep her at that point, but my friend Hilary, from Homefinders Animal Rescue, talked me into adopting her out as a companion for a male rat, who had recently lost a cagemate.  A few months later, Prairie came home again when Hilary developed an allergy to small animals and moved to California.  I knew then that she was home to stay! 

Prairie next lived with a pair of older rescue boys, Alvin and Byron, who thought she was the greatest thing since yogurt drops.  She was very depressed when the last of that dashing duo passed away, so I very quickly began introductions to a slightly younger pair of boys, OFR Keith and ROUS Scrabble.  Amazingly, she managed to outlive them also and soon moved in with Sprague, a retired lab rat from WSU.  Although Sprague's age was unknown, it was a good bet that he was younger than Prairie, who at that time was almost 3.  Perhaps it's living with all these younger men that helped to keep her young, because right up until the last few days of her life, she neither looked, nor acted, her age.  At Ratstravaganza 2009, 3 months prior to her 3rd birthday, she won the title of best Senior rat.   This cute squishy girl had so many human fans, that I would  have to frisk people as they left my rattery, especially that sneaky Simone from Little Mischief Rescue.

Baby Prairie playing in the Wodent Wheel.

baby Prairie with her normal sized sister Beth.  She was definitely the tiniest runt I've ever seen that survived!  Even more amazing was that she lived to be over 3.

More of Prairie's baby pix can be found here


SITH Prairie Dawn's Pedigree

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
SITH Fermi
Pearl Merle Berkshire Dumbo
CWR Jordan
Silver Lilac Merle American Irish Dumbo
Mink Self Dumbo
LC Touch of Mink (Fivel)
Mink Dumbo
WWR Sable
Cinnamon Banded
SAS Mosca
Mink Berkshire Dumbo
RSCL Kudos
Mink Velveteen
Poppy of SAS
Mink Irish Dumbo
Sith Farida
Lilac Self Dumbo
LSRC Stoju
Mink Berkshire Dumbo
LSRC Storm Chaser
Lilac Self Dumbo
BBR Daydream
Blue Dumbo
CWR Berta
Meringue Self Dumbo Velveteen
SAS Malenko
Mink Irish Dumbo Velveteen
Mink Self Dumbo
SPR Susan
Blue blazed berkshire Dumbo
ROUS Sebastian
 Mink American
Berkshire Dumbo
ROUS Gordon
 Black Essex Velveteen Dumbo
 Russian Blue English Irish Dumbo
ROUS Madiera
 Silver Black Berkshire Velveteen Dumbo
SPR Victoria
 Black Collared Dumbo
SPR Samwise
Mink American Irish Dumbo
NXPR Sloane
Blue Variberk Dumbo
CWR Seelie
Blue Possum Dumbo
SPR Jonesy
Mink Platinum Possum Rex Dumbo
SPR Sorin
 Russian Silver American Irish Dumbo
NXPR Sloane
Blue Variberk Dumbo
ALR Gypsy
 Black Possum Velveteen Dumbo
WWR Yorgi
 Black Collared Dumbo
ALR Magic
Blue Baldie Velveteen Dumbo
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