SITH Phiset

February 5 2007 - May 28 2009

Born here at SITH Rattery, Phiset, aka Fizzy, was a black eyed siamese sealpoint dumbo rex.  This big cuddly snugglebug had one litter with RRLM Debbie.  The babies were raised at Stud Muffin's rattery.


Baby Fizzy

Pedigree of SITH Phiset

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
OFR Keith
Sealpoint black eyed Siamese
OFR Lancelot Jr.
Black-eyed Siamese Velveteen
(UK import)
Black-eyed Himalayan
English Velveteen
1st Place Unstanderdised RatsPacNW /05 Spring Show
RRLM Rhiannon     Russian Blue PBR Killdare Manx Sealpoint Siamese
RRLM Nanette
Black-eyed Russian
Dilute - Dark Dove
OFR Marsha Sealpoint Siamese Dumbo OFR CreamCicle
Fawn Velveteen
OFR Eddie
Fawn Hairless Dumbo
(Best In Show Self RatsPacNW)
SPAR Amadala
OFR Fluffy
Albino Velveteen Dwarf
OFR Sprite
Himalayan Dwarf
(ROS Kitten RatsPacNW)
OFR Cheyenne
Agouti Dwarf
Sealpoint black eyed Siamese Double Rex Dumbo
Minkpoint Siamese Rex Dumbo

DOB 13/04/05


RRLM Hound
Black Self Velveteen Dumbo

DOB 11/20/04
CWR Mick
Mink Irish Merle
Velveteen Dumbo
SKR Tripole
Black Self Velveteen
RRLM Harmony Russian Bluepoint Siamese Rex

  DOB 10/05/04
RRLM Boo Boo
Sealpoint Siamese
Russian Blue Self
RRLM Piddy Black eyed Sealpoint Siamese Rex Dumbo

DOB 02/04/06


Sealpoint Siamese Rex Dumbo

owned by David Summerfield


RRLM Mammoth II         Siamese Sealpoint Dumbo
SKR Daphne
Seal Point Siamese Rex
OFR Princess
Black Eyed Siamese Velveteen
Lancelot   (UK import)
Black-eyed Himalayan
English Velveteen
OFR Snow White
Sealpoint Siamese
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