RSCL Becky Austin

December 7th 2005 - August 14 2008

Born at Rattie Rascals Rattery in Port Orchard Washington, Becky was a blue agouti self dumbo.  On her dad's side, she came from the same imperial line that produced the late great Darth Darby, Darth Nikki, Darth Nampa and Murphy.  She was the sister of the late great ruler of the evil SITH ratty empire, RSCL Ewok. 

There is no doubt Becky is a beauty.  Just look at those big beautiful eyes!

Becky admires herself in the reflective Grrreat Wall of the SITH Ratty playground.

Shown here with the big girls, you get a better sense of Becky's beautiful color.  L to R -- BRWF Lynn, russian dove, CWR Quini, slate blue, SITH Zona, russian blue, RSCL Becky, blue agouti.  Sadly, Becky was never bred due to personality issues.  Instead she was spayed, which worked miracles to make her a much happier and more easy to get along with wee girl.


Litter Pedigree Of RSCL Becky
Sire D.o.B 09/11/2004
Sire Breed Dumbo-Eared Blue Agouti
Sire Breeder Curly Whiskers Rattery
Dam D.o.B 02/05/2005
Dam Breeder 3 Girls Rattery
Dam Owner LeAnn & Beth Boardman
Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents Great Great Great Grandparents
CWR Owen
Dumbo-Eared Blue Agouti
Dumbo-Eared Blue Agouti
LSRC Samwise
Platinum Agouti
WR Luna of LSRC
Blue Irish
WR Skye
Blue Hooded
Aowen of WR
Dumbo-Eared Mink Berkshire
WF Sasha of LSRC
Platinum Agouti
Tucker of WF
Dumbo Blue Variberk
CTP Chrissy of WF
Blue Agouti Hooded
WWR Noodle
Blue Agouti
WWR Inspector Gadget
Blue Velveteen
WWR Eula
Fawn American Berkshire
WWR Wilbur
Agouti Satin
BW Tigi
CWR Mariah
Dumbo-Eared Blue Irish
Dumbo-Eared Blue
CWR Bart Blue
Dumbo-Eared Blue
KHR Dusty
SPR Moolah
Dumbo-Eared Blue Rex
AvR Shazza
Dumbo-Eared Silver Blaze
TBM Bart
Dumbo-Eared Pink Eye White
SPR Annie
Kyra of CWR
CML Zander
Blue Agouti Hooded
Agouti Hooded
Blue Irish
3GR Virginia Madsen
Platinum Agouti (mink based)
3GR Doc 3GR Kokojo 3GR Cupid  
RSCL Miss Rosa
RSCL Garvey
Dumbo-Eared Cinnamon Irish
6H Segona
Pe merle
RSCL Mullenix
Dumbo-Eared Platinum
dumbo blue banded
Chocolate Rex
RF Wren
Dumbo-Eared Blue Irish Satin
LSRC Amarillo Morning
Dumbo Platinum Agouti
LSRC Mustela Vison
Dumbo-Eared Mink
WF Sasha of LSRC
Platinum Agouti
RSCL Angelina
Cinnamon Pearl Rex
CWR Doyle
Pearl Merle
LC Fivel
Dumbo-Eared Mink
LC Baby Beluga
Dumbo Pearl Merle
SRR Blue Jean
Dumbo-Eared Blue Berkshire
WWR Sable
Cinnamon Banded
EVR Apollo
Cinnamon Berkshire
Potourri of WWR
Dumbo-Eared Cinnamon Berkshire
RSCL Flaxen
Cinnamon Pearl Rex
RSCL Chisum
Dumbo-Eared Cinnamon
RSCL Garvey
Dumbo-Eared Cinnamon Irish
Dumbo-Eared Pearl
RSCL Charodei
Pearl Merle Velveteen
6H Silver
Platinum Rex
MAR Bacardi
Silver Lilac Berkshire
Produced using Breeders Assistant for Rats Pedigree Software (tel: +44 1223 290291), Standard Edition licensed to LeAnn & Beth Boardman.

Becky, nee Austin's baby pix

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