ROUS Scrabble

December 18 2006 - January 2 2009

Born at Rodents of Unusual Sweetness Rattery in Seattle Washington.  Scrabble was yet another grandson of the late great MUFF Uno, and there was a very strong resemblance in both looks and personality. 

These last three photos were taken by Simone Bur

He was such a sweet licky kissy boy.

Sadly Scrabble was never bred due to tumors in the female side of the line, but here among the evil SITH Ratties, memories of his big squishy wicked sweetness will always live on.


What's in a name?

 Scrabble was from the ROUS "Games Ratties Play" Litter where all the babies were named after popular board games.


ROUS Scrabble baby pix and Pedigree

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