ROUS Hindenburg

December 8 2005 - July 10 2008

Born at Sweet Muffins Rattery in Seattle Washington, Hindenburg was actually conceived at Rodents of Unusual Sweetness Rattery, also in Seattle.  His birth was the a result of a six week old female being accidentally put in with some boys.  All of the babies in the litter were named after well known historical disasters.  Hindenburg was a blue agouti dumbo self, and a very handsome lad he was too. 


Baby photos courtesy Sweet Muffins Rattery


ROUS Hindenburg Pedigree

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
RSCL Sampson
Cinnamon Pearl Dumbo
CWR Doyle
Pearl Self
LC Touch of Mink (Fivel)
Mink Dumbo
LC's Baby Beluga
Pearl Merle Dumbo
SRR's Blue Jean
Blue Berkshire Dumbo
WWR Sable
Cinnamon Banded
EVR Apollo
Cinnamon Berkshire
Potpurri of WWR
Cinnmon Berkshire Dumbo
RSCL Flaxen
Cinnamon Pearl Rex
RSCL Chisum
Cinnamon Dumbo
RSCL Garvey
Cinnamon Irish Dumbo
Pearl Dumbo
RSCL Charodei
Pearl Merle Velveteen
6H Silver
Platinum Rex
MAR Bacardi
Silver Lilac Merle
ROUS Folly
Agouti Self
blue agouti self dumbo
LSRC Samwise
Platinum Agouti
WR Lun of LSRC
Blue Irish
WR Sasha of LSRC
Platinum Agouti
RatsPacNW Best in Show
WWR Noodle
Blue Agouti
WWR Inspector Gadget
WWR Eula
Fawn American Berkshire
ROUS Little Nell
Agouti Self Rex
CWR Spooky
Agouti Berkshire Velveteen
Charcoal Berkshire Double Rex Dumbo
RatsPacNW Best of Show
CWR Lilly
Bareback Hairless
Fawn American Irish
SOL Touch the Sun
Fawn American Berkshire Rex
RatsPacNW Champion
ROUS Satine
Fawn Berkshire
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