ROUS Sir Ratmund Hilary

January 21 2005 - October 23 2006

Born at Rodents of Unusual Sweetness Rattery in Seattle Washington, Hilary was a black American Irish satin coated dumbo.  Personality wise, he was calm and trusting, yet intelligent and intensely interested in exploring the world around him.  Best of all he was totally "people oriented."  Hilary won "Best In Show" with a score of 96% at the June 11 /05 RatsPacNW show in Comox BC.  I believe is still the only black rat to hold that honor in the history of RatsPacNW.

Hilary was also a big camera ham.  Below is his story, told in his own words....

"Hi, I'm Hilary Rat and the world is my playground."


"Oh boy a camera for me!"

"Pretty colored balls for me!"



"And a great place for me to hide!"



"Oh, a dog toy, for me!"

"And a lens cap for me!"



"A wheel for me!  Don't seem to be getting anywhere though."


"This is George, a fun friend just for me." This is Efrat, a girlfriend just for me,
but what's up there?

 "I'm betting this connects to a person."       "Yes, my favorite toy! A person, just for me!"

You can almost see the little black ratty head poking out from behind this fancy Best of Show ribbon.  They weren't giving out ribbons at the 2005 BC show so when I helped organize Ratstravaganza in 2006, I ordered an extra Best In Show ribbon just for Hilary!  In hindsight though, Hilary and I didn't really need a fancy ribbon to know who the best rat was.

Hilary's litter with BRWF Lynn

Hilary's own baby pix and pedigree

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