ROUS Catherine Willows

May 6 2004 - September 2 2006

Miss Catherine Willows, aka Cat Rat, came to me from Rodents of Unusual Sweetness Rattery in Seattle Washington.

Long, lean racey Cat Rat was about as perfect in every way as a rattie can be.

From the tip of her inquisitive
little nose...

to her dainty wee rattie feet.

Cat was a platinum self with big dark ruby eyes.  She was one of the first rats I ever took to a rat show and much to my amazement, she won Best of Variety (standard self) and Reserve of Show at Rat-a-Rama 2004 .  She also received the title of Champion for scoring a staggering 98%.  (Of course, my adored Cat, like all my rats, scored 100% with me!)  Below, Cat Rat admires her pretty ribbons.

Miss Cat Rat was the rat who first inspired me to get into rat breeding.  Ironically, although I tried her with several bucks, she never produced any babies.  I will always be just a little bit sad about that.

You can see her pedigree and some of Cat's adorable baby pictures here

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