ROUS Biloxi

April 16 2007 - April  2 2010

Born at Rodents of Unusual Sweetness Rattery in Seattle Washington, Biloxi, aka Billy, aka Mr. Wonderful, was a russian blue agouti self.  Billy came to live with me, along with his sister Abilene, aka Abby, following the accidental death of their sister Amy Selma.  I accidentally closed a cage door on her head in a darkened room.  This was a mistake I will NEVER make again, and Lynn from Rodents of Unusual Sweetness Rattery knew that.  As I sobbed, "Never trust me with a baby again!" she said "Don't be ridiculous, you are taking two more!"... and so Billy and Abby followed me home.  Billy, Abby and their sister Vidalia, who lived at Small Joys Rattery, all lived to be nearly 3.  More is the pity that we never managed to breed any of them... nor is it lost on me that but for my carelessness, their sister Amy might have enjoyed a similar long life.

Photo by Simone Burr

Billy was a darling boy and one of my all time favorites, despite living most of his life in the shadow of his buddy, the great Darth Silky.  As you can see, he had the cute wrinkly ears that ran in the family.


What's in a name?

 Biloxi was from the Rodents of Unusual Sweetness Rattery Due South litter, where all the babies were named after Southern US Cities. He was always Billy to me though, whereas for obvious reasons, Erin from Small Joys Rattery, always called him Mr. Wonderful. 


ROUS Billy's  Pedigree and baby pix can be seen here on his baby page.


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