ROUS April Ava Gardener

November 15 2005 - June 6 2007

Born at Rodents of Unusual Sweetness Rattery in Seattle Washington, April was a blue Jester Face/Baldie from dalmatian lines.  She was a very sweet girl who produced an adorable litter of black and white cow rats with the late great SITH emperor MUFF Uno.  These babies can be seen here.

How cute was this ratty?


Baby photos by Lynn Rosskamp


ROUS April Pedigree

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
ROUS Douglas
Black Possum
CWR Rafiki
Black Blazed Berkshire Dumbo Velveteen
Dill of CWR
Silver Black Possum Dumbo
Blazed Dumbo
Possum Dumbo
Khat's Willow
Blue Possum Dumbo Velveteen
Khats Ben & Jerry
Blue Blazed Berkshire Dumbo Rex
Khats Princess Scamper
Black Variegated Dumbo
RSCL Tarot
Blue Dalmatian
MAR El Capitan
Blue Dalmatian
SSR Deuce
MAR Smurfette
Blue Bareback Dumbo
RSCL Razzmatazz
Black Essex Blazed Dumbo
OFR Lorenzo
Blue Dumbo
RSCL Razzle Dazzle
Black Dalmatian Dumbo
OFR Lolita
Black Capped
OFR Unnamed DU
Blue Down-Under
OFR Skitter
Black Down-Under Manx
BFF Lewis
Blue Hooded Manx
BFF Bonita
Black Down-Under
OFR Lightening
Cinnamon Down-Under
RG Mr. Wrigley
Agouti Down-Under
RG Meadow
Black Possum Dumbo
ALR Patricia
Black Variegated Dumbo
WWR Yorgi
Black Banded Collared Dumbo
Blue Dumbo Satin
Black Possum Dumbo
ALR Magic
Blue Baldie Dumbo Velveteen
PstR Pluto
Blue Dumbo Double Rex
ALR Madonna
Blue Variegated Dumbo
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