ROUS Amy Selma

April 16 2007 - May 30 2007

Born at Rodents of Unusual Sweetness Rattery in Seattle Washington, Amy was a russian blue agouti self.  She was an adorable people oriented girl, much like her mama, SITH/ROUS Odessa.

This sweet precious little girl was only with me for a short time before being lost in a horrible accident.  Her outgoing personality and my carelessness proved to be her downfall.  I had recently moved into a new condo and there was no ceiling lighting in the bedrooms.  At first I made do with the few small lamps I'd had at my former home.  It got pretty dark at night in some corners of the rat room, and one night while I was feeding the rats, I didn't notice that Amy had rushed to the door to see me instead of rushing to the food dish with the others.  Her little russian blue agouti head was perfectly camouflaged in the low lighting and she was so tiny I didn't even feel anything as I closed the door on it.  I didn't discover what I'd done until the next morning, so I can only hope she died instantly. 

Please don't judge me for this.  I will live with the guilt and the pain and horror of this mistake for the rest of my life, and I do a good enough job of beating myself up over it.  My only consolation is knowing that this is a mistake I will NEVER make again!  For one thing, the memory of it hits me every time I close a cage door, (which is many times a day) and now I check, and double check, much more carefully. The day after it happened, I went out and bought new bright lighting for the rat room.  Then I ordered a new cage, and the day it arrived, I donated the cage Amy died in to Little Mischief Rescue.  Even though it was identical to several of my other cages, I just couldn't bear to look at it. 

Photos courtesy of Lynn Rosskamp


What's in a name?

 I named her Amy to honor Amy from STUD rattery, and to thank her for rescuing and raising one of my litters, whose mother was not able to produce enough milk.  The name Selma was her original "baby" name, in a litter that was named after cities in the southern US.


ROUS Amy's  Pedigree can be seen here on her baby page.


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