SITH Wallace

September 23 2005 - April 30 2008

Wallace and Gromit were identical twin boys born here at SITH Rattery .  They were both solid agouti coloured rats with thick wavy coats. 

I hadn't planned on keeping these boys.  They were adopted out at 5 weeks old and returned a month later due to their new owner discovering he was allergic to rats.  I tried to find them a new home but at 9 weeks old they were already quite large, which of course they come by honestly from their dad, Don Diego De La Ratty, who was built like a tank.  I had one couple come to see them shortly after they were returned and tell me, "No thank-you, we really wanted babies!".  Hmmm, well as it turned out, it was their loss and my gain because I soon realized that I'd become way too attached to these adorable little guys to part with them.

These 2 photos were taken when the boys were 2 months old.

"Hi mommy"

These last 2 photos taken at 4 months old.

How cute were these boys?

Pedigree of SITH Wallace

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
ROUS Don Diego De La Ratty
Fawn Self Rex
CWR Spooky
Agouti Berkshire Rex
Charcoal Berkshire Dumbo Double Rex
RSCL Keoki
Black Husky Dumbo Rex
SPR Scully
Charcoal Berkshire Dumbo Rex
Ratapalooza Best of Show CWR Lilly
Bareback Hairless
Seal Point Siamese Hairless
Dumbo Hairless
Fawn American Irish
SOL Touch the Sun
Fawn American
Berkshire Rex
SOL Peachy Keen
Fawn Berkshire Dumbo
6H Sunshine of SOL
Topaz Double Rex
ROUS Satine
Fawn Berkshire
ROUS Andre Baggadonutz
Beige Husky Dumbo
WWR Lucille
Fawn American Berkshire Satin
CWR Inara Serra
Agouti Velveteen
LRR Coney 
Blue Agouti Self Velveteen Manx

CWR was assured that Coney had a recorded
pedigree but was never able to get it from them


BFF Anna

CWR was assured that Anna had a recorded
pedigree but was never able to get it from them


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Baby pix of Wallace and Gromit

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