MUFF Uno Domingo

June 23 2005 - October 23 2006

Born at Sweet Muffins Rattery in Seattle WA,  Uno was a charcoal, possum faced, dalmatian, velveteen, dumbo.  It was amazing how very quickly Uno rose to power and was crowned Emperor of the Evil SITH Ratty Empire, and ruler of my heart...


He even had the outfit to prove it!

I have really been struggling to update this page because it seems there just aren't words to explain how very special this boy was or how much I loved him.  Let's just say that I've had plenty of favorite "heart" rats over the years, but it's been a very long time since I was this utterly, entirely, madly in love.  I think I really have to admit that Uno was my all time favorite ratty out of the many hundreds of rats I've had so far - yes, even edging out the late great Darth Darby by a curly whisker or two!  Uno was everything anyone could want in a rat, calm, laid back, squishy, bruxy, extremely licky, kissy and affectionate.  Either he thought humans were the most dirty disgusting things in the universe, and must therefore be cleaned up immediately, or this boy lived to give kisses.  He easily won the title for "Kissiest Rat" at Ratstravaganza 2006! after much kissing up to the judges.


Uno admiring his ribbons for Kissiest Rat and Best Costume


Uno was the perfect gentleman with his cagemates, yet he truly liked nothing better than to be with people (as anyone attending one of my rat social events will attest).  I would open the door to offer treats but Uno would snub them and beg to come and hang out with me.  I would put him and his cagemates out on the playground and 2 seconds later he would jump the barrier to come and see what I was doing. Uno loved to ride around on a shoulder or curl up for a nap in your lap.  He was a perfect ambassador to introduce to anyone who was not entirely sure they liked rats very much.  Five minutes with Uno and they'd turn into true believers!  As his name implied, Uno was truly number one!


Baby photos courtesy Tiva Hoshizaki of Sweet Muffins Rattery

Above baby photo courtesy Lynn Rosskamp

Baby baby photo courtesy Tiva Hoshizaki of Sweet Muffins Rattery

Ratties simply do not come any more precious than this! 

Uno was my baby.  He was the only rat I've ever had who would jump up and
down with excitement when I walked into the room.  And he left me far too soon.
2016 Update: Nearly 10 years later, not a day goes by when I don't miss him terribly. 

The only photo of me with my true beloved.


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Memorial Art Work of the World's Greatest Ratty

MUFF Uno Domingo Pedigree

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
TMLS Agent #5
black collared dumbo
ETR Oreo
black collared dumbo
HTR Boromir
blue self velveteen dumbo
CWR Scamper
blue self velveteen dumbo
OFR Scout
blue self dumbo
BEW dumbo
MAR Beep
black dalmatian dumbo
RSCL Razzle Dazzle
black dalmatian dumbo

patched freckled husky
ETR Lebron
beige freckled husky
Mini of HVRF
lilac variberk
Paige of ETR
tricolor (blue, mink, black) capped merle dumbo
CWR Queen of Spades
black possum double rex dumbo
SPR Jonesy

platinum possum collared velveteen dumbo
SPR Sorin
Russian silver irish dumbo
SPR Samwise
mink american irish dumbo
AvR Sally
Russian blue dumbo
NXPR Sloane
blue variberk rex dumbo
SGR Good N'Floppy
blue berkshire rex dumbo
SRR Lambchop
charcoal possum double rex dumbo

black possum velveteen dumbo
WWR Yorgi
black banded collared dumbo
blue satin dumbo
black possum dumbo
ALR Magic
blue baldie velveteen dumbo
PsrR Pluto
blue double rex dumbo
ALR Madonna
blue variegated dumbo
Produced using Breeders Assistant for Rats (tel: +44 1223 514074), Standard Edition licensed to Lizzy O Sullivan.

Uno's babies with CWRD Yoda

Uno's baby with CWRD Xena

Uno's babies with ROUS April

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