MUFF Ramirez

June 23 2005 - December 25 2007

Born at Sweet Muffins Rattery in Seattle WA, Rami was a blue masked, almost possum faced, velveteen dumbo.  He followed me home from Ratapalooza 5 on November 4th 2006 when Tiva from Sweet Muffins Rattery began gradually re-homing her rats.   Tiva is studying veterinary medicine at a university in New Zealand and unfortunately rats cannot be imported from North America to New Zealand.  Because I'd just lost my all time favourite rat MUFF Uno Domingo to cancer, less than 2 weeks earlier, Tiva very kindly offered me her beloved Ramirez, who was Uno's brother (plus 3 other wonderful ratties). 

"Mmmm Oreos!"

photos courtesy Tiva Hoshizaki of Sweet Muffins Rattery

Rami was a very sweet little ratty, who sired two wonderful litters here at SITH and another at MUFF.  Part of his wonderful little spirit will always live on in his many descendants.

Rami's babies with SITH Simone 

Rami's babies with SITH Beth

Rami's babies with tBBr Jellyfish

Rami's daughter MUFF Cheryl

MUFF Ramirez Pedigree

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
TMLS Agent #5
black collared dumbo
ETR Oreo
black collared dumbo
HTR Boromir
blue self velveteen dumbo
CWR Scamper
blue self velveteen dumbo
OFR Scout
blue self dumbo
BEW dumbo
MAR Beep
black dalmatian dumbo
RSCL Razzle Dazzle
black dalmatian dumbo

patched freckled husky
ETR Lebron
beige freckled husky
Mini of HVRF
lilac variberk
Paige of ETR
tricolor (blue, mink, black) capped merle dumbo
CWR Queen of Spades
black possum double rex dumbo
SPR Jonesy

platinum possum collared velveteen dumbo
SPR Sorin
Russian silver irish dumbo
SPR Samwise
mink american irish dumbo
AvR Sally
Russian blue dumbo
NXPR Sloane
blue variberk rex dumbo
SGR Good N'Floppy
blue berkshire rex dumbo
SRR Lambchop
charcoal possum double rex dumbo

black possum velveteen dumbo
WWR Yorgi
black banded collared dumbo
blue satin dumbo
black possum dumbo
ALR Magic
blue baldie velveteen dumbo
PsrR Pluto
blue double rex dumbo
ALR Madonna
blue variegated dumbo
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