MUFF Cheryl Lee Kirah Frogbutt

March 8 2006 - May 1 2009

Born at Sweet Muffins Rattery in Seattle WA, Cheryl, aka Frogbutt, aka Froggie, was a black variegated split cap downunder tailless.   She was my first ever downunder and my first ever, and still only, tailless.  This little sweetheart, who was a niece of MUFF Uno, was never for breeding.  She was just for loving, and she seemed to know it!


Above: Cheryl aged 4 1/2 weeks, below: Cheryl aged 19 days


Baby photos courtesy Tiva Hoshizaki of Sweet Muffins Rattery


Cheryl, who was spayed at 4 months old, won a ribbon for being Most Unusual at Ratstravaganza 2006.  She lived to be 3 years and almost 2 months before passing away peacefully in her sleep.  I strongly suspect she was the last of the MUFF ratties.


What's in a name?

Cheryl became the "C" rat in my 3rd Alphabetical series.  She was named after my friend "Cheryl Lee".  The name "Kirah," was her original baby name.  It comes from a video game and we kept it because it sounded kind of cool.  "Frogbutt" was a name she picked up at Lynn's 2006 World Rat Day Party.  For some reason people just started calling her that and it stuck.  Froggie was most definitely not a "frog walker".  She looked more like a "HamPsterbutt" to me!


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