MLR Oliver II aka Ollie

July 27 2005 - December 8 2007

Born at Mount Lehman Rattery in Abbotsford BC, Ollie was a standard eared blue self.  He was a gentle soul who got along wonderfully with his cagemates and charmed everyone he met.  Sadly, he was never bred due to a possible congenital issue in the line, which actually may not have been an issue at all, however, we opted to err on the side of caution.  Although he was a perfect self, Ollie didn't show well either (what do those judges know anyway?) in part due to me being scratched while bathing another rat, and not noticing that I got a big splotch of my blood on poor Ollie's tail!  Unfortunately, the points he lost for "poor show condition" tipped him out of the running.  Luckily, it didn't seem to worry him any.  He still got lots of snuggles and treats for effort.

Baby Ollie - photos courtesy MLR

Ollie checks out the cookies at our Rattery Open House
September 5th 2005

Ollie gives the cookies his stamp of approval!

Cookie photos by Susan Armstrong

Ollie aged like fine wine and passed away quietly in his sleep.  He was survived by the last of his lifelong cagemates, and best friend Whizzy.  Poor Whizzy was found laying on top of Ollie's body, as if trying to keep him warm.

Pix of Ollie and his original cagemates can be seen here


MLR Oliver Pedigree

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
MLR Cobalt
black irish velveteen
Inky of MLR
black hairless

Fuzzy of MLR
agouti blazed berkshire velveteen standard ear
MLR Pewter
Silver lilac merle
Silver of MLR
Lilac Merle
standard ear
Dot of MLR
Blue Dalmation
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