MLR Nina

May 23 /05 - March 4th /08

Born at Mount Lehman Rattery in Abbotsford BC, Nina was a velveteen Himalayan.  This cute little ball of fuzz was not exactly show quality so I tried to teach her and her cagemates some show winning tricks.  About the only thing they ever learned was that if you can make mom laugh hard enough, she will probably drop the training treats! 

Nina was spayed due to a possible genetic problem that arose in her line.

 Baby Nina - photo courtesy MLR

And here a young Nina possed with her former cagemates CWRD Michelle and BRWF Lynn, who have also passed away.  This fun and energetic cage grouping was lovingly known as "the popcorn balls" and Nina was the ring leader.


In her old age Nina lived with a trio of old men, SITH Whizzy, MUFF Ramirez and CWR Battleship.   She outlived them all except for 3 year old Battleship who she so lovingly groomed and cared for.  I fear poor Battleship will be quite lost without her.

Here Battle does his best to reciprocate the
love. It truly was a match made in heaven.

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