LMR Emile

Adopted May 4th 2008

from Little Mischief Rescue, Emile and his "brother" Remy came from a huge rescue at the home of a hoarder in Rochester WA.  A woman was found living with hundreds of domestic rats running loose throughout her home and breeding at will.  She started out breeding rats to feed her pet snakes but when animal control finally caught up with her, the snakes were starving, and the rat population was out of control.  Unfortunately, exterminators were sent in and most of the rats were poisoned before the pet rat community even heard about it.  Volunteers from RatsPacNW then went in with humane traps and caught the last few stragglers - 19 adults and 16 babies. 

Remy and Emile were about 10 weeks old at the time they were rescued.  I adopted them along with one of the mother's, Sumatra, whose litter I fostered.

Emile is a good sized boy who enjoys his food


What's in a name?

I guess it's pretty obvious that Remy and Emile were named after the rats in the Disney movie Ratatouille.  And in case anyone is confused about the prefix LMR, it refers to Little Mischief Rescue, not some rattery in the mid West that is no longer actively breeding. Needless to say, it will never be appearing on any pedigrees.

You too could have an amazing Remy and Emile in your life.  Check out the ratties available from Little Mischief Rescue.

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