Kim of SITH

March 23 2005 - November 30 2007

Kim came to me from an accidental rescue litter that I was asked to help home.  His mother came from a pet store where the people who purchased her were told she was a male.  They named her Tony and were somewhat surprised when a few days later she gave birth to 13 babies.  They renamed her Toni.  What is most amazing about this story is that the mother was hairless, as were all of the babies and luckily she was able to lactate, so all of the babies survived.  Although the initial plan was to help the owners place the babies, I could not resist adopting little Kimmy, my first ever hairless.  I was able to keep in touch with most of the people who adopted the other babies and so I know that Kim was the last of his siblings.  While he was always very sweet with me, Kim had a bit of a reputation for bad rattitude.   He was not a fan of change and particularly seemed to dislike having people over for parties.  While he was famous for a lot of "don't you even think of picking me up!" warning signs, as far as I know he never actually bit anybody.  Even Erin, who used to have one of his sisters, was afraid to handle him at first, having witnessed his "party behavior," but she came to realize he was just a sweet old pussyrat.

Little Kimmy with baby fuzz

(he was wicked cute in a funny looking sort of way!)

Kim at 4 months - not so fuzzy anymore and not so little either!

and his face was still a bit fuzzy at that age

He remained wicked cute to the end (in a funny looking sort of way)


What's in a name?

Kim was one of the first rats in our name your ratties after "people we know and like series".  He was named after Kim from Three Girls Rattery and Mini Mouse Dwarf Rats.



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