HoF/ROUS Buster

March 19th 2008 - April 2 2010

Born at House of Fur Rattery in Seattle, Buster was a an off white rex ratty (some sort of dilute, but as to his actual color, I guess we will never know.)  He was a sweet little guy, who grew to be a pretty big guy. with a lovely plush rex coat and tightly curled whiskers.  A very playful boy, he was always the first in his cage to come running when the door was opened.  I had always hoped to breed him and had a lovely bride lined up for him at the April 10th show, but since he barely made it to age 2, perhaps that is just as well.

Photos (above and below) by Simone Burr

Buster with his best friend ROUS Brandywine

After Brandywine passed away at a fairly young age, Buster became best friends with a pair of half wild boys, Remy and Emile, from the RatsPacNW Rochester WA rescue.  Buster was very much loved and will be sadly missed.

Baby Buster

Baby photos Courtesy House of Fur Rattery


What's in a name?

Buster was his baby name from House of Fur Rattery.  I tried to come up with something better but it stuck. (Thanks Hilary!)


Pedigree of HoF/ROUS Buster

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
SITH William of Orange
Fawn American Irish Rex
SITH Syrus
Agouti Rex
ROUS Diego
Fawn Self Rex
CWR Spooky
Agouti Berkshire Rex
Fawn American Irish
CWR Inara
Agouti Self Velveteen
Coney of CWR
Blue Agouti Self Velveteen Tailless
BFF Anna
TMLS Bella
Blue Fawn English Irish Dumbo
RSCL Hamlet
Fawn Irish Dumbo Rex
BN Hamish
Fawn Self Dumbo Rex
RSCL Peaches and Cream
Mink Amber Dumbo
SITH Frances
Blue Self Dumbo Rex
ROUS Hilary
Black Berkshire Dumbo
Dove Self Dumbo Rex
FURR Aurora
Blue Self Dumbo
Dove Self Dumbo
RRLM Teal'c of BRWF
Silver Black Self Dumbo
RRLM Boo Boo
Seal Point Siamese Dumbo Rex
Lilac Self
RRLM Lilith of BRWF
Russian Platinum Self
RRLM Doctor Drakken
Russian Platinum Self
Blue Self
RRLM Leela
Seal Point Siamese Dumbo
RRLM Goober
Black Self Dumbo Rex
Agouti Self Dumbo
RRLM Shadow
Black Self Dumbo Rex
RRLM Shasta
Silver Blue Self
RRLM Solomon
Russian Platinum Self Dumbo
RRLM Spade
Black Self Dumbo
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