WSU Dawley of SITH

Unknown - October 9 2008

Dawley, aka Stuart Little, joins the other 3 "almost" SITH ratties, Baby Blue, from a rescue litter Colette took in, CWR Lahela, and OFR Oliver, all of whom, for one reason or another, didn't quite make it home.  Thanks to Colette and Michelle, I do have photos of Blue and Lahela.  I never put them up on my site because it was just too painful at the time, but maybe I will some day.  Sadly, I never even had a photo of Oliver, and I assumed the same would be true of Dawley... and then the following email arrived from his new quarantine home....

"This is the guy we called Stuart Little for the 5 hours he was with us. Pix were taken about an hour before he died. He was perky for his photo session because Allie was moving. Before that, he was just snuggled down with his little head peeking out. He really liked being stroked on his head & behind the ears & would just lie there but if you stopped, he'd wiggle a bit to remind you that he wanted petting.


This is Allie, holding Dawley in a little sling she made for him
(Allie is the daughter of Little Mischief Rescue's marvelous Margaret)

It seems that Allie carried him around and snuggled
with him for much of the last 5 hours of his life

He got to know that he was loved and he learned to like it.

Margaret and Allie, you could not possibly have given me a more precious gift.

Rest in peace little man.


What's in a name?

Sprague and Dawley, what else are you going to name a pair of lab rats?
(Besides Stuart Little of course!)


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