CWR Darth Nampa

Aug 16 2003 - Nov 3 2005

Born at Curly Whiskers Rattery in Boise Idaho...

Nampa, front and centre, is shown here with his brother and best buddy, Murphy.
(btw the light is playing tricks here - they were the exact same color)

Baby Nampa (photo courtesy CWR)

Darth Nampa, a blue self dumbo was a wonderfully laid back little sweetie (er, I mean big tough evil Sith) who was related to both the late great Darth Darby and Darth Nikki (shown here in action against the Jedi) that infamous duo who made Sith Ratties so widely known throughout the galaxy.  I really could see the best of both venerable ancestors in Nampa and his brother Murphy.  My one regret will always be that I was not able to produce any baby Nampa's (or Murphy's) and not for lack of trying.  Nampa and Murphy lived with both their first wife ROUS Catherine Willows and their second wife MLR Padme Amidela, and neither doe was spayed.

Nampa and Murphy were a wonderful sweet cuddly armful,
very much loved and very sadly missed.

What's in a name?

Nampa and Murphy were part of my "Geographical" series of ratties.  For a while there I was naming my rats after the geographical areas I got them from, until I realized I tended to keep going back to the same few favorite ratteries over and over and I began to run out of new name ideas.  Since I already had a rat named "Boise", I named Nampa and his brother Murphy after other towns near Boise Idaho.

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