CWR Murphy

Aug 16 2003 - April 14 2006

Born at Curly Whiskers Rattery in Boise Idaho, Murphy, aka
Murph the Smurf, was a blue standard eared "double irish".

Mmmm, what is that smell?  Could it be girl ratties?

Murphy, on the right, shown with his late brother and best buddy,
Darth Nampa.  While Nampa was the more outgoing, Murphy was
always the more intelligent and inquisitive of the two - and  he was
definitely the ring leader.

   It didn't take Murphy very long to get on top of things (and   
yes he did climb up there on his own) but wherever he went...

Nampa was sure to follow.  Murphy and
Nampa were an inseparable team, until
Nampa's death Nov 3rd 2005.

Baby Murphy (photos courtesy CWR)



Like most rats who have the opportunity to age, Murphy aged like fine wine and was the most loveable and trusting "lay back in your hand" squish imaginable.   He bore a striking resemblance to his great uncle, the infamous Darth Nikki shown here in action against the Jedi, along with his other venerable ancestor, the great Darth Darby.  And like Darth Darby, he had the extreme  consideration to die peacefully in his sleep at the age of 2 years, 8 months.  A more perfect ratty boy could not be found anywhere, UNLESS, one was to consider his nephew RSCL Ewok, who succeeds him as heir to the throne of the Evil SITH Ratty Empire.

When Murphy and Nampa were babies I ordered a pair of custom earings from Emily at Eagles Eye Rattery -- one is a standard eared "double irish" like Murphy, the other is a dumbo self like Nampa.  It is really wonderful to have something like this to remember them by.  I heartily recommend it!  Emily's jewelry page can be found here.

What's in a name?

Murphy and Nampa were part of my "Geographical" series of ratties.  For a while there I was naming my rats after the geographical areas I got them from, until I realized I tended to keep going back to the same few favorite ratteries over and over and I began to run out of new name ideas.  Since I already had a rat named "Boise", I named Murphy and his brother Nampa after other towns near Boise Idaho.

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