April 21 2006 - January 20 2009

Born at Curly Whiskers Rattery LeAnn was an odd eyed havana possum faced dumbo.

Who are you calling odd eyed?

Here she is with her first best friend SITH Beth

photo courtesy Lynn Rosskamp
And here she is with her sister Fey who lived at Rodents of Unusual Sweetness Rattery

LeAnn was possibly the sweetest most darling rat girl on the planet.  She had 2 wonderful litters but lost the 3rd when she had to have an emergency spay.  LeAnn will be greatly missed by her last surviving cagemate MUFF Cheryl (aka Frogbutt) and by me.

What's in a name?

LeAnn became the "L" rat in my 3rd Alphabetical series.  She was named after my friend LeAnn from Rattie Rascals Rattery in Port Orchard WA.  It was at about this point that I decided to just give up on the alphabetical order and just name my ratties after friends.

The BSG Litter LeAnn's babies with SITH Whizzy

The Pop Rats Litter LeAnn's babies with SITH Ptolemy


Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
CWR Tyson
Havana Possum Dumbo
SPR Jonesy
Silver Blue Possum Dumbo Velveteen
SPR Sorin
Russian Silver Irish Dumbo
SPR Samwise
Mink American Irish Dumbo
AvR Sally
Russian Blue Dumbo
NXPR Sloane
Blue Variberk Dumbo Rex
SGR Good N'Floppy
Blue Berkshire Dumbo Rex
SRR Lambchop
Charcoal Possum Dumbo Double Rex
SAS Ayala
Black Blaze Dalmatian Dumbo
LDR Rugby
Possum Dumbo
BR Scrumpy
Blue Baldie Dumbo Rex
APR Fink Fink
Black Hooded Dumbo
ROUS Mary Pickford
Black Possum
CWR Rafiki
Black Blazed Berkshire Dumbo Velveteen
RSCL Tarot
Blue Dalmatian
Mink Dumbo
CWR Robespierre
Pearl Merle Dumbo
Mink Self Dumbo
LC Touch of Mink (Fivel)
Mink Dumbo
WWR Sable
Cinnamon Banded
SAS Amoree
Cinnamon Pearl Merle
RSCL Kudos
Mink Velveteen
Penny of ZZR
Cinnamon Pearl Bareback
3GR Mignon
Pearl Merle Dumbo
3GR Kokojo
Cinnamon Pearl Merle
3GR Cupid
Pearl Merle
RSCL Spinifex
RSCL Mully
Platinum Dumbo
Blue Banded Dumbo
LSRC Amarillo Morning
Platinum Dumbo
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