CWR Inara Serra

Born January 22 2005 - July 24 2006 

at Curly Wiskers Rattery in Boise Idaho, beautiful Inara was a standard eared agouti American Irish velveteen.

Photo courtesy Michelle Carroll of CWR

When they were young Inara and her best friend Farida always brought one word to mind. "MONKEYS!"  They were just so full of mischief and so much fun to play with or just watch.  One day Inara nearly scared the life out of me when she escaped from her cage and managed to stay hidden the house for 3 days!   Needless to say, she had a wonderful time, while on the lam! 

Ashley, Jordan and Susan had also had a wonderful time taking photos of Inara.  It was hard to decide which ones to include on her page.  Below, Inara was checking out the wheel...


"How does this thing work?"


"Oh, so that's how!"


Inara and Farida, always looking for trouble!


"It's mine!" "No, it's mine!"


"Well this one is all mine!"


"And so is this yummy box"


"Mmmmm, banana!"


"This is even better than cardboard!"


Inara and Farida wrestle the giant hand! The hand won. "Ok, you got me!"

"Whatcha doing now Inara?" "Just admiring pretty little me!"

Inara was a wonderful ratty who gave birth to "The Browncoats", one of the best litters I've ever had both in terms of making beautiful pets and of doing well on the show floor.  My beautiful Inara you left me way too soon!

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