CWRD Michelle

April 23 /05 - September 26 /07

Born at Cheesy Wishes and Rattie Dreams Rattery in Ferndale Washington, Michelle was a faintly marked Himalayan with an absolutely charming outgoing personality.  Shown below with her original cagemates MLR Nina and BRWF Lynn, Michelle was always the first to rush to the open door.

Baby Michelle (nee Laffy Taffy)

photo courtesy CWRD

I referred to this fun and energetic cage
grouping as "the popcorn balls"

After she was spayed, Michelle moved in with Don Diego De La Ratty and remained his faithful companion until his death in March /07.  After a failed attempt to happily integrate her with my other CWRD girls, I loaned Michelle to my friend Cheryl as a companion for her last remaining dwarf boy Bootsie.  Following Bootsie's death, she returned home once more and ended up moving back in with her original friend BRWF Lynn and RSCL Becky.


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