CWR Berta

May 4 2004 - February 13 2006

Berta was born at Curly Whiskers Rattery in Boise Idaho
(and she had the cute curly whiskers to prove it!)

Berta was always an energetic little ratty


with places to go....

things to do, or should I say chew?


...and people to see.

Although she was very distrustful of cats, a feeling she and my dog Simon heartily agreed on, Berta dearly loved to be with people.  She came from an incredible line of wonderfully good natured rats and was in fact the niece, on her mother's side, of the late great World's Best Rat, CWR Darth Boise.  Berta was a velveteen dumbo but her coloring was so light that it was impossible to tell whether she was a solid or marked rat.  Her true fur color was difficult to capture on film (with my camera anyway) and almost as difficult to describe.  A mink derived off-white, with just a hint of tawny red, this color has been referred to by such delicious sounding names as custard, tea biscuit, and even creamsickle, but it is probably closest to the as yet unstandardized and equally delicious sounding color "meringue".  The true beauty of this little charmer, however, was definitely to be found beneath the fur!

Just for fun, I entered Berta in one of the pet classes at Rat-a-Rama 2004 along with her sister CWR Lilly II, and they actually won!  A little bit of Berta lives on in her children, grandchildren and great grand children, most notably my beloved SITH Farida, SITH Wilhelm, SITH Beth and SITH Rizzo.

Berta's litter with LSRC Stoju can be seen here

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