CAVE Velvet

June 3rd 2006 - October 8 2008

at Critter Cave Rattery now located in Pullman WA.  Velvet was an English Irish agouti velveteen who won Best In Show marked kitten at Ratstravaganza July 29th 2006.  Velvet was the granddaughter of the great ROUS Diego and CWR Inara.  She was daughter of my beloved SITH Reaver, a little girl I was persuaded to let go of, only for the promise of grandbabies.   Velvet was a darling girl whose father was a European Roan.  I had hoped to breed her to her half brother CAVE Manny, who was also a Roan Carrier, but it was not to be.  While they were wonderful with people, both Manny and Velvet turned out to have aggression issues with other rats.  Happily, spaying (and neutering) completely solved these issues.  They were both much loved pets, who will be sadly missed.

above photos courtesy CAVE


Velvet admires the ribbon she won for Best Of Show Kitten (marked) at Ratstravaganza 2006

Velvet adds rat content to Uno's Memorial Flowers

Pedigree of CAVE Velvet

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
Squeek of CAVE
Black European Roan
SITH Reaver
Agouti Self Rex
ROUS Diego
Fawn Self Rex
CWR Spooky
Agouti Berkshire Velveteen
Charcoal Berkshire Dumbo Double Rex
Ratapalooza Best of Show
CWR Lilly
Bareback Hairless
Fawn American Irish
SOL Touch the Sun
Fawn American Berkshire Rex
ROUS Satine
Fawn Berkshire
CWR Inara
Agouti Self Velveteen
Coney of CWR
Blue Agouti Self Velveteen
BFF Anna
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