CAVE Manuel

August 9th 2006 - April 18 2008

Born at Critter Cave Rattery, Manny was a pale Amber American Irish.   He was originally named Squeek II aka Squeeky, in honor of his illustrious father a European Roan, imported from Germany, but I soon concluded that name just wasn't working for me.  I would find myself asking him, "How is my little CAVE man today?" and well, you can see where that one led...  Manny was a very sweet laid back affectionate boy and a wonderful addition to the SITH ratty family.  I had hoped to breed him to his half sister CAVE Velvet who was also a Roan carrier, but it was not to be.  While they were wonderful with people, both Manny and Velvet turned out to have aggression issues with other rats, which neutering and spaying quickly solved.  They were both much loved pets, who will be sadly missed.


Pedigree of CAVE Manuel

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
Squeek of CAVE
Black European Roan
Grey Girl
Squeek of Cave
Black European Roan
UCVR Willow
Charcoal Berkshire Velveteen
Blue Berkshire Rex
*Lived to be over 3.5 yrs old*
DRP Sueno Sin Cola
AKA 'Dreamy'
Blue Agouti Tailless

*Lived to be over 3.5
 KTZ Morning Mist
Platinum Rex Dumbo
UCVR Peaches and Cream  
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