CWR Darth Boise

June 1 2003 - January 17 2005

Born  at Curly Whiskers Rattery in Boise Idaho,
(although his whiskers were not the least bit curly...

Darth Boise, the little silvered minx on the right, is pictured here with his girlfriend, the late great RSCL Roisin, aka Roshie, from whom he inherited his own title of "Worlds Best Rat (according to Lizzy)".  Boise was beyond a doubt the "go to boy" if you happened to need a bath, or if you just liked to be covered in non stop soft wet ratty kisses.  He was just one big cuddly, squishy gentle soul.  Oops, did I say that?  Of course I meant to say that he was one big strong, tough and terrible, evil SITH ratty! 

Like Roshie, Boise left me way to soon.  Although I have tons of photos and a lot more to say about both Boise and Roshie, this is as far as I've been able to get in building them web pages.  Eventually they will both have a kick ass web page but right now their loss still hurts way too much. 

You can see Boise's pedigree and baby pix here.

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