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Please read if you are considering adoption from us or from anyone else!


From the beginning it has always been our policy to only breed a litter when there is enough interest in a specific pairing, and when we are sure we will have adequate time to spend socializing the babies.  This can sometimes mean a wait of several months, depending on timing. All of our rats are pedigreed, which means the health and temperament of our lines have been recorded for many generations, going back to many years before we ever started working with them.  It has always been our goal to produce wonderful pets from only the healthiest and best tempered pedigreed lines. All of our babies are handled from birth and seriously played with from the time they first open their eyes.  References and testimonials from past adopters are available on request. 


Fancy colors and markings, perhaps even show quality ones, may sometimes be a happy by-product, but temperament and health have always been our top priority.  We have worked with a number of different varieties - Dalmatian, blazed Berkshires, solids, dwarves, Burmese, black eyed Siamese of UK origin, and European roans. Most of the rats we breed are dumbo, in standard, velveteen, and rex coats. Colors include assorted agouti colors, black, Russian blue, Russian Dove, mink, lilac, havana, and occasionally American blue and Russian silver. 


We are frequently asked about Sphinx/Hairless, Harley coats, Manx/Tailless, and Australian Downunders.  These are not varieties we work with but if you are determined to have them, we can refer you to ratteries that do. 


Our rats are our pets first and foremost.  They remain part of our family for life.  We do not re-home retired breeders, and we tend to err on the side of caution when placing our babies, so yes, I'm sure we do sometimes turn down good homes, but when in doubt, we refuse to take chances with our babies.  If for any reason an adoption is not working out, we will take the rats back at any age, no questions asked, in fact we insist on it.  If you would like to adopt a SITH baby, you must first answer hundreds of questions aimed at convincing us that you will worship the ground the ratty walks on and dedicate the rest of your life, or at least the next 2 to 3 years of it, to making said ratty blissfully happy and the center of your universe.  Should you fail to answer the questions correctly, the adoption will be denied, which will mean all the more cute cuddly ratties for us.  


Once the adoption has been approved, there will be a simple matter of our adoption fee which will be one million dollars per rat, but may be negotiable depending on how well you do with the above mentioned hundreds of questions.


Rats are like potato chips.  You can't have just one!


Unless you already have other similar aged rats at home, please be prepared to pony up or negotiate a price from 2 million dollars because we do not adopt out single rats.  With very rare exceptions, we believe it is unnatural and very hard on a rat to live alone, especially a baby, with no other rat, or rats to play with.  If you were not aware of the importance of keeping rats in same sex pairs or groups, please visit the following link which answers all of the frequently asked questions as to why rats need company.  We are not aware of any reputable ratteries or rescues that will adopt out lone rats, and we make no exceptions to this rule.  If you have any lingering doubts after checking out that link, then this really cute video should clinch it.


Baby rats are typically weaned at some point between 4 to 5 1/2 weeks of age.  Usually the longer they spend with their mother and siblings the better socially adjusted they will be, and the better they will bond with you and your family.  For this reason we do not adopt out babies younger than 5 weeks and for some litters, we prefer to wait until 6 weeks.


The Adoption Process


For many years now, we have never managed to produce enough babies to meet the demand, so we have become very selective as to the homes they go to.  Many of our litters have been completely  reserved before they were born, or were snapped up soon afterwards, so only the very best applications will be considered.  Applications filled out in entirely one word answers or with questions left blank, WILL NOT be considered.  We also decided early on NOT to ship rats, and asked that people not submit an application unless transportation could be arranged by car or local transit.  We are very low tech here, so we prefer that you copy and paste our application into the body of an email message and type in your answers.  You could also copy and paste it into a word processor program, type in your answers, save the file (in doc, docx, txt, or rtf format) and attach it to an email message.  We ask that people please NOT save the file in pdf format, as we may need to edit and add to it, following our discussions with you.  Neatness and spelling don't count, but if you don't have the time to fill out the form, hopefully in as much detail as possible, then you clearly don't have the time required to become the devoted slave of a highly demanding evil SITH or JOY ratty!  All reputable breeders and rescuers use a similar adoption process, and some ask even nosier questions than we do.  If you come across someone who does not carefully screen their adopters, I would be very suspicious as to the quality of the animals you will be getting.


Each approved adoption includes an adoption contract signed by all parties, a registered pedigree, and a sample of the formula 2018 Harlan Teklad lab blocks that our babies are weaned onto.  Most recently negotiated adoption fees have been around $35.00 per rat, but as noted above, prices may vary, and be subject to change at any time.  We accept payment by cash, money order, PayPal or online banking transfer.  Unfortunately, we are no longer able to accept checks, unless the check is received in time to clear, prior to picking up your ratty.  If you expect us to hold the ratties beyond the age of 6 weeks, full non refundable payment is due at that time.  Additional boarding costs may be discussed, depending on the length of time we are asked to hold them.  Delivery can be arranged anywhere in the Greater Vancouver BC area, although additional charges may apply.  For most litters, delivery to the Seattle area and points in between, or beyond, can also be arranged, as we frequently trade babies with the other ratteries in RatsPacNW and whenever possible, we try to time our litters to be ready for pick up at RatsPacNW Shows, including those in Portland OR, Boise ID, and all other areas. 


Not willing to wait for babies from a reputable rattery or rescue? 


Whatever you do, please do not buy rats from a pet store and here is one of many excellent articles that explains why not.  Additional information can be found on the No Puppy Mills Canada website. A much better choice would be to adopt from a rescue or from another ethical hobby breeder.  We will be happy to help in any way we can to match up approved adopters with suitable pet rats that have not come directly from a pet shop "ratty mill" or "backyard breeder".  Please be aware that ethical reputable hobby breeders do not advertise their babies on websites such as Craigslist or Kijiji.  The "breeders" you'll find there are people "trying" to make a profit by breeding rats they've purchased from pet stores.  In order to comply with the Craigslist rules, they will usually claim that their babies are from an accidental litter.  One can usually tell when the same people keep posting "accidental" litters on an ongoing basis.  By the same token, not every Rattery with a slick looking website is necessarily ethical or reputable.  Many "backyard breeders" breeding rats they bought at a petstore, have fancy websites and make all kinds of false claims.  The best way to find out, is to check with the nearest pet rat club, which in our area is RatsPacNW.  The RatsPacNW club Facebook discussion group can be found here. You can also check with the reputable rat rescue groups in your area.  They can always tell you which ratteries work with them and which "ratteries" they end up cleaning up after. 


Red Flags to Watch Out For


One former hobby breeder has compiled a list of "red flags" and "not red flags to look for when choosing a breeder. I have don't necessarily agree with all of them but it's a pretty good starting point for discussion and I am always happy to discuss them.  I have also included in the above link, an interesting list of "red flags" put together by a rescue in Perth Australia.  One additional red flag that I've been noticing a lot lately is people claiming to be a "registered breeder".  There is no such thing as a registered breeder in the pet rat fancy.  People may list their ratteries on one of several rat registry sites, the main one being the North American Rat Registry but anyone may do this.  You basically send in your money and are given a listing.  There are no requirements, and there is no way the registry is able tell which ratteries follow ethical practices.  Just be sure to ask lots of questions of any rattery you deal with, especially when dealing with a "new breeder". 


For more info on our breeding and adoption policies check out our About Us page and our frequently asked questions.





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